30 sept. 2009

Water at a Crossroads. Dialogue and Debate at the 5th World Water Forum

Water at a Crossroads
Dialogue and Debate at the 5th World Water Forum

From climate change adaptation to the energy and food crunch, from the MDGs to the Right to Water—a wide range of issues was discussed and debated during the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, Turkey, March 2009). Water at a Crossroads, the official World Water Council synthesis of the 5th World Water Forum, presents the main themes and the different perspectives of participants in addressing key questions. The illustrated, magazine-style report provides an analysis of the major issues and the important decisions taken in Istanbul, interweaving technical solutions, social considerations and political commitments. It aims to improve everyone’s understanding of the water challenges we face today and the solutions at hand.

A companion publication, the Global Water Framework—Istanbul 2009 provides a compilation of all official documents and outcomes from the 5th World Water Forum. It includes the Declaration of Heads of States, the results of the Ministerial component, as well as statements from Parliamentarians and Local and Regional Authorities. It also covers the thematic and regional outcomes of the Forum, as well as the children's & youth declarations. This document serves as a quick reference guide, sketching an outline of the collective effort that characterised the 5th World Water Forum and providing a springboard to develop follow-up initiatives.
Furthermore, a Final Report of the 5th World Water Forum presenting a comprehensive overview of all sessions and activities can also be downloaded from the 5th World Water Forum's website.
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